Which milk is a better option for fermentation process?

Canadian milk, regardless of whether it is organic or conventional milk, undergoes strict milk quality production procedures and rigorous testing to assure that you have the highest quality milk to enjoy.

If a dairy cow is being given antibiotics for an illness, she is temporarily removed from the milk producing herd and her milk is discarded. Once she has recovered and the antibiotics have cleared her system, her milk is again suitable for human consumption. All milk is rigorously tested for antibiotic residues prior to being accepted at the milk processing plant. All milk producers participate in the Canadian Quality Milk program. This is a science-based, on-farm food safety program that uses a preventative approach aimed at minimizing risks of food safety hazards. It helps to ensure the high quality of Canadian milk.

To make yogurt and kefir, you can buy milk by any Canadian milk manufacturer. Based on our own experience, we recommend to use the following types of milk (see below):

If you want your yogurt to be thicker, use the milk with a big amount of protein, such as Natrel Lactose Free (13 g. of protein).

VIVO Quality Assurance
If you do not succeed in your efforts to make a product, do not worry. The VIVO Quality Assurance Program will reimburse you for the cost of the starter culture purchased. And our experts will help you understand the reason for failure and will do everything possible that next time you can make a great product. Under the VIVO Quality Assurance Program, please contact us at: 1-844-369-VIVO (8486) or click here.