What is a bacterial starter culture?

The VIVO bacterial starter culture is a product containing living culture friendly bacteria. These bacteria have a number of characteristics:

  • They are able to ferment milk, turning it into a fermented milk product.
  • They have probiotic properties, thus contributing to the restoration of intestinal microflora.
  • They are antagonistic to many pathogenic microorganisms: in other words, they resist the development of pathogenic bacteria.
What is the difference between various VIVO starter cultures?

VIVO starter cultures are distinguished by sets of bacteria species that make up the composition. The difference is in the following:

  • Preparation time and temperature.
  • Taste and consistency of the finished product.
  • Dietary, therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the product.
  • The type of the finished product (kefir, yogurt...).

More information about each type of the starter culture can be found in the catalogue of starter cultures.

Who produces VIVO starter cultures?

The VIVO group of companies was established in 2008 and specializes in the production and sale of bacterial starter cultures used for home made fermented milk products preparation.

Due to the unique properties of the VIVO starter cultures and their high quality and safety, millions of people around the world love and use them.

VIVO starter cultures are widely popular in Ukraine, where they are leading products in the market and are represented in all large supermarkets and drugstores of the country.

The VIVO production facility is located in Brovary, Ukraine. The company has implemented ISO international quality management and food safety systems. The bacterial cultures produced by the world leading companies from France, Germany, Italy and Denmark are used as raw materials.

The VIVO brand pursues a consistent policy of manufacturing high-quality products. The company was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificates by the International Standardization Organization in 2014, which confirms that the company has implemented and follows the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the above standard, as well as ISO 22000:2005, which acknowledges the fact that the company supports the food safety management system in accordance with the European standards, and the quality of products is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The perfect quality and safety of the VIVO starter cultures have allowed the registration of the entire range of VIVO products as a special dietary and baby food product. The VIVO starter cultures can be used both by adults and children aged 6 months and older.

What is the difference between fermented milk products prepared with the VIVO starter cultures and “the store” ones?

Yogurt prepared with the VIVO starter cultures differs from “the store” one because it contains a large number of useful and living bacteria, it does not contain concentrates, flavours and other harmful additives. This is a totally natural product, always as fresh and healthy as possible.

Do the VIVO starter cultures contain GMO?

The VIVO starter cultures do not contain GMO (genetically modified organisms). This fact is confirmed by studies and relevant documents.

Are the VIVO starter cultures safe?

Our company has sold millions of bottles of starter cultures by now. During all the years of our activities, no cases of food poisoning or other harmful health effects associated with the use of the VIVO starter cultures have been recorded. This fact indicates high safety of the VIVO starter cultures.

Be sure to keep the dishes where you prepare the starter culture products clean. One should also take into account the possibility of individual intolerance to dairy and fermented milk products.

Are there any certificates confirming the safety of the VIVO starter cultures?

Yes! The entire production process of VIVO starter cultures is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2005 standards.

What are the terms and conditions for storing VIVO starter cultures?

The VIVO starter cultures have the following shelf lives:

In the refrigerator (at +2..+6°C) - for 12 months.

We want to assure you that long-term studies have shown the high stability of the starter cultures to variations in temperature during storage and transportation.

What are the terms and conditions of VIVO starter cultures transportation?

Deviations in the storage temperature for up to 10 days are allowed for the period of transportation.

The starter cultures are delivered to outlet chains and stored there at the temperature not higher than 6°C.

We want to assure you that long term studies have shown the high stability of the starter cultures to variations in temperature during storage and transportation.

How long can the finished product be stored?

A finished fermented milk product is recommended to be stored for no more than 5 days in the refrigerator.

What does the dry VIVO bacterial starter culture contain?

The composition of the starter is a complex of living bacteria. Their bacterial composition varies depending on the starter culture.

How much milk does one bottle of the VIVO starter culture need?

One bottle of the VIVO starter culture is designed for the use of between 1 to 3 litres of milk.

Can I divide the bottle with the starter culture into several servings?

No. The starter culture is not subject to storage after the bottle is open.

What is the reason that the yogurt is very fluid?

If the yogurt is fluid, then it is not fermented enough. This may happen due to the insufficient fermentation temperature or insufficient fermentation time. The cooling of the product during fermentation can also be the reason.

If the yogurt has turned liquid, we recommend leaving it for a couple of hours in a warm place for ripening.

Why did the milk clot and there was a lot of serum?

This is an evidence of the product overripening. This can happen if a very high fermentation temperature is used or very long fermentation period occurs. Such yogurt is not bad in terms of useful properties and benefits for the body, the only difference is that it can be very sour.

Is it possible to eat yogurt that has serum?

Yes, this yogurt is not worse than the regular one in its properties, the only difference is that it can be sourer.

Why is the product very sour?

The product has overripened. You must either reduce the fermentation temperature, or reduce the time of the fermentation period.

Such yogurt is not worse than the regular one in its properties for the body, the only difference is that it can be sourer.

Can I add sugar, jam, fruit, etc. to yogurt?

Yes, you can. But only to the finished product.

What can I do to make yogurt potable and not thick?

After the yogurt has been cooled, it must be stirred well. The more stirring, the more fluid the yogurt will be.

Can all starter cultures be taken every day or only certain ones?

All starter cultures can be taken daily

What is the best time to have yogurt?

Yogurt and other fermented milk products can be taken at any time of the day and included in a daily diet.

What quality certificates do VIVO starter cultures have?

VIVO starter cultures have ISO international quality certificates.

What fat status does the finished yogurt have?

The fat status of the finished yogurt will fully correspond to the fat status of the milk used for yogurt preparation.

What are the amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the yogurt?

These values will fully correspond to the milk ones used for yogurt preparation.

Is there any flavouring in the starter culture?


Can starter cultures cause allergies?

No, they cannot. Allergies can only be caused by individual intolerance to lactose or cow’s milk protein.

How long can I eat yogurts prepared on VIVO starter cultures without a break?

You can eat them like a daily meal. No need to take breaks.

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