What is the way of using the Vivo Starter cultures?

Bacterial starter cultures are used for fermented milk dairy products preparation. Home made fermented milk products prepared with the use of the VIVO cultures have a number of therapeutic and prophylactic properties and several advantages over “the store” yogurts.

Fermented milk products, prepared with VIVO starter cultures, are used:

  • As an alternative to “the store” yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream in daily meals.
  • As the most physiological (natural) and effective means of microflora restoration and maintenance in cases of dysbacteriosis and dysbiosis.
  • To minimize the negative health effects during and after administration of antibiotics and chemotherapy.
  • As a fermented milk supplement for children aged 2 years and older.
  • To maintain immunity.
  • In dietary nutrition.
How do the VIVO starter cultures help restore the intestinal microflora?

A common method for the microflora recovery is the use of probiotics, i. e. drugs containing beneficial bacteria.

Unlike pills, VIVO fermented milk products represent the most natural way for a person to deliver beneficial bacteria to the intestines.

The second advantage over medication is the amount of beneficial bacteria. The number of bacteria in one average capsule or pill is comparable to the number of beneficial bacteria in one gram of the VIVO fermented milk product.

In addition, a big issue for the intestinal microflora disorders is that the missing beneficial bacteria in the intestine are substituted by pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. The VIVO fermented milk products contain bacteria that counteract the development of many pathogenic bacteria.

During the fermentation process, these bacteria produce lactic acid and other substances that suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Do the VIVO starter cultures contain GMO?

The VIVO starter cultures do not contain GMO (genetically modified organisms). This fact is confirmed by studies and relevant documents.

Are the VIVO starter cultures safe?

Our company has sold millions of bottles of starter cultures by now. During all the years of our activities, no cases of food poisoning or other harmful health effects associated with the use of the VIVO starter cultures have been recorded. This fact indicates high safety of the VIVO starter cultures.

Be sure to keep the dishes where you prepare the starter culture products clean. One should also take into account the possibility of individual intolerance to dairy and fermented milk products.

How long can the finished product be stored?

A finished fermented milk product is recommended to be stored for no more than 5 days in the refrigerator.

Do VIVO starter cultures have any contraindications?

VIVO starter cultures have no contraindications, except for the individual lactose intolerance.

What can be done if the person has lactose intolerance?

You can prepare the fermented milk product based on low-lactosed milk or on delactosed milk. Lactose is converted to lactic acid during preparation under the influence of bacteria and the amount of lactose significantly decreases, which is critical for people with lactose intolerance.

Which starters are the best for people with allergies?

It is better to use Probiotic yogurt in this case.

Which starter is more suitable for the microflora recovery?

Probiotic yogurt is the most suitable for the microflora recovery.

Which of the starter cultures is better for athletes?

The Yogurt and Kefir starter cultures are the best ones for athletes.

Are pregnant women and lactating mothers allowed to use the starter cultures?

Yes, they are. There are no contraindications.

There is a section on the site where you can familiarize yourself with the starter cultures, which are the most recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

What starter culture helps to lose weight and why?

We recommend the Kefir starter culture to lose weight.

The secret actually lies in the fact that kefir dissolves fat, not fatty acids, which are collected in the liver, and then converts them into fat, turning them into simple compounds excreted from the body. Eating kefir drastically suppresses appetite, which greatly facilitates the process of losing weight. It is important that the kefir is useful for the micro flora of the gastrointestinal tract. We neutralize and eliminate all of the toxins that are formed as a result of decomposition of food in the intestines, from the body.

What is the best culture to boost immunity?

The Probiotic Yogurt is the best to boost immunity.

Which starters are the best for elderly people?

The Yogurt and Kefir starter cultures are the best for elderly people.

What is better for children during their active growth?

The Yogurt starter culture is recommended during active growth.

Can all starter cultures be taken every day or only certain ones?

All starter cultures can be taken daily

What is the best time to have yogurt?

Yogurt and other fermented milk products can be taken at any time of the day and included in a daily diet.

Can starter cultures cause allergies?

No, they cannot. Allergies can only be caused by individual intolerance to lactose or cow’s milk protein.

How long can I eat yogurts prepared on VIVO starter cultures without a break?

You can eat them like a daily meal. No need to take breaks.

How much yogurt (Bifikid or any other fermented milk product) are children allowed to eat per day?

The following recommendations on the amount of yogurt used (or any other product) are for children under age 3:

  • From ages 2 to 3: 180-200 ml per one meal
  • For children aged 3 years and older and for adults, there are no restrictions on yogurt intake.

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