Watch the video with instructions: Preparing Fermented Milk Products in the Pot

How can we prepare yogurt and other fermented milk products in the pot?
All VIVO starter cultures, except for the VIVO Kefir
All utensils that will be in contact with milk must be clean.
They should be treated with boiling water.

You will need the following for preparation:

Starter culture (1 bottle can produce between 1 to 3 litres of fermented milk)
Milk (cow, goat, almond or soybean)
The pot and a large towel or blanket. . If you have a yogurt maker, you can use it for preparation of the product.

1 Prepare milk.
Bring the milk temperature to +37 ..+ 40°С. The milk temperature should be higher than the body temperature, but the milk should not be hot. You can use a food thermometer to control the temperature.

2 Add the starter culture.
Make sure that the milk is not hot (not warmer than +40°C). Fill about half of a bottle with a starter culture with milk, close it with a cap, and shake until the starter dissolves completely. Pour the dissolved starter culture into the milk and stir it thoroughly.

3 Leave it for ripening.
You may pour the mixture into a bowl for ripening (jar, container) or let it ripen directly in a pot. Carefully wrap the container with the mixture in a large towel or blanket and leave it for 12-20 hours in a warm place without cold air flows. The time of ripening is 12-20 hours or overnight. The soybean and almond milk require more fermentation time.

4 Check the result.
After the ripening time is over, make sure that the product has become thick. If you are not satisfied, let the product ripen for 1-2 hours more and check again.

5 Cooling, maturation, storage.
The ready-to-use product should be cooled in the refrigerator. The best taste is achieved during the maturating process in the refrigerator within a day, but you can consume the product immediately after it is cooled off. The shelf life of the ready-to-use yogurt is up to 5 days. If you wish, you can add fruits, nuts, honey, cereal or sugar to your yogurt. Bon appetite!

The taste and consistency of the finished product depends directly on the quality of the milk used. We recommend to use high-quality milk only and follow our recommendations during the product preparation.
Which milk to choose.
VIVO Quality Assurance
If you do not succeed in your efforts to make a product, do not worry. The VIVO Quality Assurance Program will reimburse you for the cost of the starter culture purchased. And our experts will help you understand the reason for failure and will do everything possible that next time you can make a great product. Under the VIVO Quality Assurance Program, please contact us at: 1-844-369-VIVO (8486) or click here.