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  • Classic kefir made with your own hands.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Helps eliminate excessive weight.

A real yummy yogurt that suppresses development of pathogenic bacteria – causative agents of intestinal infections. Kefir improves metabolism and may reduce the risk of cancer. A kefir diet is especially useful to people who want to lose weight.



VIVO Kefir is a starter culture for homemade kefir.

This starter culture contains a unique natural symbiosis – a microflora of kefir fungi consisting of bacteria of various species and strains. This distinguishes the VIVO Kefir from many products of the biokefir series which are not related to kefir fungi and contain only lactobacilli and sometimes bifidobacteria.

Kefir bacteria suppress the development of pathogenic bacteria – causative agents of intestinal infections. Kefir has a beneficial effect on metabolism and may reduce the risk of cancer.

Regular use of live culture kefir boosts metabolism. This contributes to the reduction of the body weight and fat content in the body.

VIVO Kefir is a real kefir with a taste and aroma known to everyone since childhood, but which is increasingly rare today.


Use the VIVO Kefir starter culture for kefir preparation. Unlike yogurt, kefir is fermented at a lower temperature. The optimum temperature for kefir ripening: 22-30°C.

Therefore, kefir can be prepared at the room temperature, provided that it is not below +22°C. The higher the fermentation temperature is, the faster kefir is ready. It can be ready in 20-24 hours at room temperature (22-24°C).

Kefir can be made in a multi-cooker or yogurt maker that has a “kefir” mode or direct temperature selection. Use the VIVO Kefir starter culture. We recommend to let kefir ripen at 30°C for 10-12 hours. Other than that, the kefir preparation is not different from the preparation of yogurt in a yogurt maker or in a multi-cooker.

1Prepare milk. Before adding the starter cultures make sure that the milk has a room temperature!

2Add the VIVO Kefir starter culture into the milk. Stir thoroughly. One bottle will do for ripening up to 3 litres of milk. You can prepare kefir in the original milk package (it is convenient, no need to wash the dishes) or pour the milk into the other pot for ripening (the pot should be clean, it is recommended to treat it with boiling water).

3Ripening. Leave the mixture for ripening on the top of the kitchen counter. You can leave the milk with the starter culture in the closet or in the oven that is turned off. The mixture temperature should not drop below 22°C. The fermentation time of kefir is 20-24 hours.

4Cooling, maturation, storage. The thickened product needs to be thoroughly stirred and placed in the refrigerator for cooling and maturation. The best taste is achieved during the maturating process in the refrigerator within day, but you can consume the product immediately after cooling. The shelf life of a ready-to-use kefir is up to 5 days.


INGREDIENTS Microflora of kefir fungi:
Kefir yeast
Lactococcus lactis
Streptococcus thermophilus
Leuconostoc mesenteroides
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Bifidobacterium lactis
Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus
Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis


In the refrigerator (at +2 - + 6°C) for 12 months.
Long-term studies have shown the high stability of starter cultures to variations in temperature during storage and transportation.
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