All VIVO starter cultures, except Bifikid, can be refermented. The idea of the method is that instead of a starter from the bottle, the previously prepared fermented milk product, at the rate of 3 tablespoons per 1 litre of milk, is used for preparation.
The product is suitable for refermentation during 5 days.

It is very important that the product aimed for refermentation has no foreign bacteria.

If you use a yogurt maker, you can leave one jar of the appliance empty and utilize it for second fermenting.

If you cook in a pot or jar, immediately after the product is prepared, set aside the part of the product in a separate container, previously rinsed with boiling water.

The taste and consistency of the finished product depends directly on the quality of the milk used. We recommend to use high-quality milk only and follow our recommendations during the product preparation.
Which milk to choose.
VIVO Quality Assurance
If you do not succeed in your efforts to make a product, do not worry. The VIVO Quality Assurance Program will reimburse you for the cost of the starter culture purchased. And our experts will help you understand the reason for failure and will do everything possible that next time you can make a great product. Under the VIVO Quality Assurance Program, please contact us at: 1-844-369-VIVO (8486) or click here.